Best Commercial Development

Gare Maritime – Brussels

The Gare Maritime, part of the Tour & Taxis site, was historically one of the biggest logistical multimodalplatforms, and itself one of the largest covered goods train stations in the world. It has been redeveloped to become a permanent exchange platform in Brussels for creative people to experience year-round. This covered neighbourhood is a model of sustainability and circular construction. Twelve office and retail pavilions made from responsibly sourced were developed around an extensive open but covered central space enabling events, markets, concerts, a Food Hall and much more. Finally, indoor gardens provide a “green lung” for the station.


Best Residential Development

CoHousing BotaniCo – Leuven

BotaniCo is an innovative and sustainable cohousing project that is part of the Hertogensite in the heart of Leuven. The former girls’ school was carefully renovated into 28 apartments. In addition to a private apartment, the residents enjoy spacious communal functions. They share a large kitchen for parties, dining area, laundry room, guest rooms, children’s playroom and hobby rooms. The old playground has been replaced by 600m2 of collective garden. The project is defined by the use of quality materials and the latest sustainable techniques: underfloor heating – cooling and sanitary hot water via geothermal power and PV panels. The preservation of anumber of authentic elements, such as the class corridors, give this project a unique look.


BEST (semi-)public Development

Handelsbeurs – Antwerpen

Refurbishment of the “Handelsbeurs” and surrounding buildings top a 5*+ Hotel and convention centre in the commercial heart of Antwerp. The Handelsbeurs is protected as a historical monument and is restored in its former glory. This historical core will house a number of representative salons and seating area’s on the ground floor, and historical suites on the upper floors. Part of the other buildings are renovated into hotel rooms. The Handelsbeurs will cater for meetings, conferences and banquets as well as for publicly accessible commercial functions on the ground floor. The Schippersbeurs will house a high-end restaurant.