winners of the 2019 res awards

In 2019, the Real Estate Society (RES) awards went to three projects in Belgium, in three categories, based on excellence and achievement in real estate project development: De Chocoladefabriek in Tongeren, Cera HQ in Leuven and Tivoli GreenCity in Brussels. 


Best Residential development

De chocoladefabriek

De chocoladefabriek plays an important role in the dispersed residential landscape of Nerem. In the suburban residential landscape, de chocoladefabriek now forms a community with critical mass, promoting shared use and collectivity as a core value. The monumental chocoladefabriek and the surrounding grounds were redeveloped into a residential building in a park environment. The historic concrete structure was filled with houses, collective spaces, a few offices and a commercial space. Facade openings, outside spaces and circulation spaces were fitted with respect for this structure. The houses at ground level and in the tower are accessed via collective spaces or have their own front door opening onto the park landscape with communal garden.


Best (Semi-)public development


Tivoli GreenCity is an exemplary operation of sustainable urban development. This new mixed neighborhood includes 397 passive housing including 35% zero-energy, 2 nurseries, 7 commercial areas, 3 new streets and a raised square. The project has created a harmonious connection between a dense residential area of Laeken and the industrial area of the Port of Brussels by redeveloping an urban wasteland located at the interface of these two entities. Tivoli GreenCity has achieved very ambitious goals in terms of sustainability: social cohesion, reduction of energy consumption, biodiversity, green energy production, water management, awareness and citizen participation.




Situated in the city centre of Leuven, the project is home to the headquarters of the cooperative Cera. This partly new, partly renovated building offers a meaningful answer to its historical environment. Through its architecture, it acts as a hinge, taking position between the past and the future and entering into dialogue with the surrounding patrimony. As a decision centre, this project includes both offices and a semi-public space. Entirely in the spirit of the cooperative, which invests in society, the building presents itself as an outstretched hand. Towards the city, the past, the future, employees, investors or casual passers-by.

After movie
Watch the after movie from the 2019 RES Awards here!