Competition Rules

RES organize the RES-awards for the fifth time, taking place on the 9th of December 2023, aiming to reward excellent real estate developments of the past year.

The competition rules of the RES-Awards are detailed below.

1 Competition categories and basic conditions

The competition is open for all real estate developments with a size over 4.000 gross square meters above ground (newly built or renovation) in Belgium, which were delivered between the 1st of January 2021 and the 30th of November 2022. The project can enter the competition under one of the following categories:

  • Best (Semi-)Public Development;
  • Best Residential Development;
  • Best Commercial Development;


Best (Semi-)Public Development: This category celebrates new developments initiated by or in partnership with the authorities while generating a positive vibe throughout a whole community and neighborhood. In case the project is built following a Public Private Partnership, this category must be chosen.


Best Residential Development: This category honors new developments that provide the best housing accommodations in its broadest sense (apartments, (semi-)detached houses, student housing, service flats,…), while adopting originality, innovation and aesthetics.


Best Commercial Development: This category rewards excellence in commercial real estate developments (B2B) who deal with both occupants and investors (Office space, business centers, industrial real estate, distribution centers, warehouses, leisure & retail properties) and recognizes innovation and creativity, as well as community and environmental awareness.

In case the project is built mixing several categories, it should be dedicated to the category which has the most gross square meters above ground.


2 Number of projects allowed

There is no limit on the number of submissions per company, as long as each project meets the criteria stipulated in these Rules. Each project can only participate once in the RES Awards and in one category only. RES has the right to change participants category of entrance to another category if more appropriate.


3 Entry form

Entry forms must be introduced in English and must follow the template created by RES which is accessible from Photos in high resolution must be uploaded in this template. No renderings are allowed. The entry form must be submitted with required elements by the 18th of November 2022.

If the project is realized by various companies, the company submitting the project guarantees that it is the only introducer, confirming that it holds all the rights for the presented projects and information related to the project, and that it does not harm any potentially other involved party’s rights or anyone’s private life or likeness. The company also confirms that the project / idea does not violate any law, especially copyright laws. In case various companies submit the same project, they must find an agreement on designating only one company. If no such agreement can be found, RES reserves the right to ban this project or to keep the first entry and to reject the other ones. In any case, RES can not be held liable in case of any conflicts between these companies.

The company filling the entry form accepts and understands that all data, including photographs and other materials, may be forwarded to third parties, with whom RES has initiated a partnership for the purpose of organizing the RES Awards. This information may be distributed via any media, including the internet, for communications relating to RES or during the ceremony of the RES Awards.


4 The Shortlist

All correctly completed applications received by the 18th of November 2022 will be submitted to the RES Awards Jury, an independent body of real estate professionals. This Jury is selected by RES for their expertise in a variety of real estate disciplines relating to design, development, construction, marketing & sales and property management.

The Jury will review all the entries and announce in November 2022 the 3 nominees – “the RES Awards Shortlist” – for the 3 categories.

The jury can, in total independence, base its selection upon various and unlimited criteria such as:

  • the spatial, social and economic integration of the project into the urban tissue;
  • innovation, new ideas/products or concepts;
  • quality of design and construction;
  • look & feel, architecture;
  • added value for the neighborhood and future residents/users;
  • marketing & sales;
  • sustainability and future proofness;

The awards are not an endorsement from any sponsor or judge but are a recognition of achievement or excellence in a particular category or discipline by an expert judging panel.

The jury has the right to move any project to another category it deems more appropriate and consequently judge the project in that category. The applicant will be informed by email of this change.

The jury reserves the right not to examine incomplete applications or applications that do not comply with the present rules.

The jury may decide to cancel a category if they consider that the proposed projects do not ensure a sufficient level of quality.

The jury’s decision is final and does not need any justification.


5 Nominees

Companies will be informed by email in November 2022 if their projects have been selected for the RES awards Shortlist. A professional film will be made for each nominated project.


6 Visual elements for the ceremony

The 9 nominees will be asked to supply additional information and  assign representatives (developer, architects, …). For the Belgian project nominees, a movie will be made of the nominated project. Timing and location to be confirmed by RES. This movie may be displayed on the RES (Awards) website as well as during the RES Awards ceremony and on social media. RES reserves the right to choose which elements will be displayed and modify them to guarantee the same quality or look and feel of the competition and the RES Awards.

The nominees authorize RES to use their names, logos, likenesses, voices and application information, including project video(s) and/or pictures, for facilitating the jury process, presenting the project on the RES Awards website, during the RES Awards ceremony and promoting RES or the RES Awards. Nominees certify that they have been authorized to this purpose by any potential co‑creators or third parties and commit to provide RES with the name of the photographer (photo credit).

To the same extent, nominees also authorize RES to freely use any company or project logos, trademarks, titles, extracts and other intangible rights and promotional items submitted to the 2022 edition of the RES Awards competition.

Nominees also certify and guarantee that they have been authorized to this end by potential co-creators or third parties.


7 Pitch event

Each nominated project is required to pitch their project approximately 2 weeks before the RES Awards ceremony, by presenting the project team and telling the compelling story of the project in 10 minutes to the RES Awards jury and the RES board.


8 Competition prizes

There will be four awards, one for the winner of each category.


9 Professional Jury and category winners

A Professional Jury will be able to vote independently before the ceremony for their favorite project in each category. The jury will be made of politicians, master architect(s), key real estate professionals representing several real estate associations like NAV, BVS/UPSI, ULI,… For the avoidance of doubt and conflicts of interests, RES will not be able to vote. In the event of a tie between two or more projects, a sequence of rules will be determined so that one single winner per category will prevail.

Category winners will not be informed prior to the RES Award ceremony.


10 RES-Awards Ceremony

The competition results will be announced at the RES-awards Ceremony, which will take place on the 15th of December 2022.

Official representatives for the winning projects will collect their prizes on stage.

The award ceremony will be photographed and recorded for the purposes of promoting RES, the RES-awards, the winners, the nominees and their project(s). Winners and nominees authorize expressly RES and their partners to photograph, to make a movie of the award ceremony directly or indirectly, including their likenesses and voices, together with any elements related to their projects and to reproduce and broadcast those photography and recording to the public by any means, including the and for promotional purposes. Winners and nominees also certify and guarantee that they have been authorized to this end by their official representatives and any potential co-creators and third parties.


10 RES-awards Ceremony attendance

Each nominee agrees to send at least one official project representative to the RES-awards Ceremony to potentially receive an award. This representative will be made known to RES one week before the event. On the sole discretion of RES, potentially a speech will be requested.

Companies selected as nominees for the RES Awards will receive 5 free entry tickets for the RES Awards Event.


11 Claims

Filling the Entry Form of the RES Awards implies full acceptance of the present Rules. The Rules of the RES Awards are governed by Belgian law. If no amicable settlement can be reached, any dispute arising in connection with the construction and/or performance of the Rules as well as said Awards shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Court of Antwerp, which is expressly acknowledged and agreed by the parties.


12 Miscellaneous

In the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances resulting in the impossibility of organizing or obligation to change the concept of the RES Awards, the RES Awards maybe altered or may be cancelled at the sole discretion of RES and this without any indemnification whatsoever.


  • Erik Wieërs – Chief Architect of Flanders
  • Peter Van den Abeele – Chief Architect Ghent
  • Dirk Mattheeuws – president of NAV
  • Serge Fautré – Honorary Chairman of UPSI/BVS
  • Sunita Van Heers – Member of Le Cercle Belge des Femmes de l’Immobilier
  • Myriam Heuvelman – Board Member ULI
  • Ingrid Ceusters-Luyten – member Women on Board
  • Kristiaan Borret – Chief Architect of Brussels
  • Steven De Haes – Dean of the Antwerp Management School
  • Thomas Spitaels – Member of the Support Committee of Stand Up For Europe
  • Frederik Lesire – Past President of RES vzw 
  • Potential other significant members.



The RES Awards Ceremony will take place on the february 9 2023. The nominees and the jury will be invited. The invitation list will be completed by the sponsors.